The whirlwind of events
At LeverX Group, hardly any day is without events that help us get to know each other better and become a truly cohesive team. Boys and girls, the fun-loving and the quiet ones – everyone will find events to their liking. Are you curious? Then have a look at how we spend our leisure time.

Events for every taste


LeverX Group Mafia Club

With each new meeting, the confrontation between civilians and the mafia becomes more and more irreconcilable.


Team quizzes

There is nothing better than spending Friday night in the company of colleagues, matching your wits.


Table-top games evenings

Another way to have fun with colleagues and train your attention, logic, and memory


Reading club

A great opportunity to discuss your favorite books and spend time in the company of book lovers like you.

Educational events



Watercolor painting, bachata and tango, mandala weaving and bouquet making – everyone can find something for themselves. Spots go off like hot cakes.



We often invite representatives of interesting professions, such as somnologist, environmental activist, ophthalmologist, birdwatcher, financier, psychologist to come and visit us... And we have many more unforgettable meetings with experts in store!

Every new month brings a lot of memorable events. Would you like to be swept away by a whirlwind of unforgettable impressions together with us?

Then hurry up and join the #leverxpeople! team!

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